Ten Tuesday Testimonies

I missed linking up Jessica over at Live Randomly Simple for her Totally Terrific Tuesday link up because I got distracted this morning but  her blog is full of my favorite things I can’t wait to go back and read some previous posts about DIY, essential oils and other crafty things to name a few…sounds perfect!

Today I’m going to offer Ten Tuesday Testimonies about varying things from week to week and give you my 2 cents on products, websites, decorating, recipes – I’ve always got opinions…lol!

  1. First off I have to share my FAVORITE new to me recipe on our low carb diet. It’s a low carb mini cheesecakes and it is fabulous!   I found it via Pinterest and they are perfect! I made them yesterday for a Labor Day family lunch using neufchatel cheese and they were still great – I would make them without the crust for everyday snacking to save some more fat grams, but they are great for a low carb dessert option topped with whipped cream or fruit or even sugar free jellies! You can find the original post by clicking here Low Carb Mini Cheesecake
  2. I have developed a sensitivity to my favorite wallflowers and candles in recent month and decided that I would use essential oils to make my home smell great and I am LOVING it so far.  Right now I’m diffusing lemon, lavender and peppermint a lot because of the changing seasons and the sniffles that go along with that, but I found a “fallish” scent that I love that is 5 drops orange, 1 drop cinnamon bark, 1 drop ginger and 1 drop patchouli…it smells amazing!
  3. I am a chicken momma to four hens and the dreaded time of year when they shed their feathers has arrived…yesterday the coop resembled a feather pillow fight gone wrong!  The biggest bummer aside from the mess is they going on laying strike until their feathers grow back in and I have to BUY eggs!  If you have ever had farm fresh eggs, you feel my pain!  I buy the Pete and Gerry’s brand and have found them to be the closest to my own…they’re pricey at $4.99 a dozen, but I know they aren’t factory farm eggs and that’s important to me.
  4. Today is my first day back to ladie’s Bible study and I’m super excited about taking a semester to study the book of Ezekiel. I have never done a study on this book or the man for that matter and I was pulling up some background on him and I’m looking forward to the class!
  5. I am not a fan of baseball.  I have been to many a daycare child’s games to support them and am definitely more tolerable of in person games because I can people watch and enjoy the event instead of the game, so when my hubby said he’d like to catch a Charlotte Knights game before the end of the season…I couldn’t say no. Our seats were beside the dugout which was kinda neat, but I was super nervous about not paying attention and getting walloped in the head by a foul ball.  It was a good game and the Knights won and I had a nice date night with my handsome guy. Not a bad evening.
  6. I haven’t had pizza since September of last year since being on low carb.  We’ve made some substitute crusts, but nothing’s the same as  the real thing.  Mellow Mushroom was within walking distance of the ballpark so we opted for that for supper before the game.  I of course couldn’t have the crust (although I did have a little bit – and my stomach reminded me why I don’t eat that anymore ALL day Monday).  But there is something sad about leaving crust on my plate when it was sooooo yummy. I reminded myself that it doesn’t taste as good as weight loss feels and it’s a slipper slope for me once I get started with off plan foods….so I exercised restraint and walked away from this plate…I may have shed a tear as I walked away!
  7. I am itching to put my fall decor up…but I’m try to hold out until the temperatures are not flirting with the 90s here in the south…We start back to growth group with our church next week, so I may put a few things out before going all out at the end of the month…I know some folks have to put theirs out early because they start decorating for Christmas in October.  I sent this meme to one of my daycare kids this week because she is that person and loves holiday decorating.  I try to hold off til after mid November because we’re usually out of town for Thanksgiving and if I don’t start a little earlier, I feel like I don’t get to enjoy them long enough…however, first things first…fall is my favorite outdoor season and I cannot WAIT for cooler temps!
  8. We’re watching the path of Hurricane Irma around here pretty closely and praying that it takes a turn back out into the ocean and doesn’t even make landfall.  Watching the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is just heartbreaking and it’s just unimaginable what those folks are having to deal with to rebuild their lives.  Our church is planning to send a mission team soon and we hope to be able to send some gift cards to help wherever they’re needed.  We’ve been seeing the news stories where they have so many supplies with not enough storage or distribution spots and the money to buy gas and items needed locally is more helpful…you just can’t help but want to reach out and hug these folks who have lost SO much.
  9.  I am a reformed coffee creamer addict.  I used to use several tablespoons PER cup of yummy delciousness.  To the tune of lots of fat and sugar and chemicals. These days I use half and half, xylitol (a natural sweetener with low glycemic reaction) and these creamers. I love the mocha and hazelnut best, but the vanilla is good.  Our Walmart stopped carrying them for a while and I just about panicked!   If you haven’t tried them…grab some!
  10. I’m working on rehabbing an old piece of furniture that my parents had, turning it into a pet bed to put in the booth I rent. It’s an idea I found on Pinterest and already had the furniture piece to do it with -WIN!  

That’s all I’ve got for today – be sure to stop by and check out some of the other blogs on the link up today!



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