Thursday Thoughts and Talks

Hi Everyone – Welcome to Thursday!  We’re almost to the weekend!!!  I’m looking forward to some hair therapy and  catching up on some much needed chores around the house – How about YOU?

Joyful Homemaking

I am joining up with Margo over at Joyful Homemaking  and Carrie from Saving 4 Six for Think Tank Thursday. Be sure to head over and what they share today…I’m sure it will be fantabulous!

First I’m going to touch on something personal – a childhood neighbor who married another friend from my hometown unexpectedly lost her 40 something year old husband to a heart attack yesterday.  I am just heartbroken for her family.  They have 2 teenage children, both recently out of high school.  I know how devastating it can be to lose a parent at that young age – I was 22 when I lost both of mine.  It was a HUGE reminder that life is too short to be mad at each other, to let things go unforgiven, to assume we’ll have tomorrow with each other.  Take the time to love on your families, tell them you love them, SHOW them you care…you just never know when the last moment you’ll have with them will be.

Here in SC we’re prepping for the possibility of hurricane Irma making her way through the Carolinas early next week.  Water in the local stores is already scarce and gas is in high demand and many gas stations have struggled to keep supply consistent in the wake of hurricane Harvey.  We’re prepping the best we can but trying not to panic and be ready for power outages, having enough water for the chickens (we have a well, but with no power, the pump won’t work) and enough to cook on the grill that we’ll be okay for a day or two.  Say a prayer for the Eastern seaboard and areas inland that will be affected in one way or another by the hurricane.  

I’m on a roll this week with crockpot recipes that we LOVE and with cooler weather on the way – perfect for those busy fall days when you want supper ready when you get home!  They’re acceptable with our low carb life and super yummy!I found both recipes on Pinterest…don’t you just LOVE it when you score the perfect recipe without scouring cookbooks for an hour?


Mississippi Pot Roast is the first one – I had never made this before starting our low carb life and I don’t know how I missed this deliciousness in all my years of cooking!

We serve ours with mashed cauliflower – either homemade or frozen like these…


We love the cheddar and bacon kind, but they’re all quite yummy and way easier than homemade!


Best Ever Slow Cooked Pulled Pork is the other!  And man do I love this meat!  It makes a lot, is usually on sale somewhere and you can’t really mess it up!  I put it in about 8am and it’s ready by supper time to be shredded.

We serve ours with G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce – our favorite is the Hickory flavor!  Sometimes I make almond flour buns to serve it on, but                                                   usually we just eat it                                                       bunless….sooooo good!



It’s that time of year when I start looking at planners for the new year.  I struggle staying with it and end of using Google Calendar on my phone most of the time – although I adore the little stickers and tabs in the frou frou calendars.  If you have one that isn’t super complicated, but super cute – could you help a girl out and comment where to look?  I love to buy from Etsy shops, but can’t always decide if one will work for me and would love recommendations!

That’s all for today – join me tomorrow for Friday Favorites!  I can’t wait to share!



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