Friday Favs – Essential Oils, Paper Wrapped Chickens and MORE!

Happy Friday Y’all!

I don’t know about you, but this short week felt super de duper long!  Today I’m going to highlight some favorites in my life right now!

I’m teaming up with Erika, Andrea and Narci for Friday Favorites – I linked up with them on my previous blog and decided it would be great to do it again!  So here goes!

This seasonal blend of Young Living Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils is keeping me cleared up and not sniffling and sneezing with itchy eyes like so many folks I’ve seen suffering from seasonal discomfort!  This blend is what got me interested in essential oils in the first place!  I put it on my sinuses before I got to bed and sometimes again in the morning if I’m not going to be out in the sun – citrus oils like lemon are photosensitive and shouldn’t be used when you’ll be outdoors!  I diffuse this often in our home and never leave home without it – this blend is great for putting on outdoor pest bites too!  These super cute labels were made by Sophie and Kate Monograms and are SUPER easy to apply and look great on these amber bottles!

Next up are also from Young Living.  I’m a Bath and Body Works body wash snob.  I’ll admit it.  I have only use B&BW brand as long as I can remember.  Then I started researching the ingredients in them, the chemicals used to make it lather, smell great and be colored my favorite colors.  And I had to make the switch…I’ll admit it wasn’t easy.  I was convinced I would hate something new, but I didn’t.  I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel.  This bottle is super concentrated and will be added to a foaming pump before I put it in the shower to last a bit longer and improved the foaming aspect.  My favorite Dawn dish soap also got a big thumbs down on the chemical yuck train and I was washing my dishes with it – meaning ingesting the yuck…yeah so it was easier to replace.  The Thieves dish soap can also be diluted into a foaming pump and last a lot longer.  It’s a bit pricier than Dawn, but with 1/3 product and 2/3 distilled water per foaming pump, it will last a while! Check out my Young Living tab for a link to my site if you’re interested in learning more!

So Hurricane Irma is headed our way here in the Carolinas and it’s certainly not a laughing matter, but sometimes you need a laugh or two these pictures literally made me laugh out loud!  If you ever had chickens, you can imaginehow big of a holy hot mess it would have been to wrap them in newspaper like this, but in the wake of an evacuation of epic proportion, you do what you gotta do, right?  And if you’re as old as me, and didn’t first watch Friends on reruns, you can still hear Ross screaming PIVOT! PIVOT! as they’re attempting to move the couch up the stairwell.  I’ve seen this multiple times on Facebook today and every single time it makes me giggle.  It’s just too funny!

Now to anyone in Irma’s path – please be careful – we have prepped the best we know how and hope that the damage will be minor and the power will stay on.  Run from water, hide from wind…and turn around don’t drown or try to drive through standing water!


My surprise favorite new show of the summer has been Salvation which chronicles a meteor of end the world proportion and the behind the scenes drama from the White House to the Nasa Scientists and so on and it has really sucked me in – you should really check it out if you’re looking for some new tv…you should be able to find back episodes online or on demand!  I’ve saved it on my DVR so my husband can catch up – while I gear up for the return of my favorite fall shows in a few week likes NCIS and NCIS New Orleans and This is Us!!!  There are a couple of new ones coming out this fall that I can’t wait to check out too!


In our low carb journey, I’ve found some duds along the way as far as snacks and protein bars go, but the Quest bars in S’mores flavor are my absolute FAVORITE.  I heat them in the microwave for 7 seconds and it’s like fresh chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t care for any of the other flavors and had almost given up on them because I had tried so many flavors and hadn’t found one I liked. I buy them at Wal-Mart but I’ve found them the cheapest at in the bulk box…They are so yummy – and make me feel like I’m cheating.  I don’t love all the chemicals they have in them, but since I only eat them once in a while, I have to let it slide because I can’t always carry portable protein on the go and these are the perfect fit!

Alright that’s all for today – I hope you all have a great weekend and come back Monday for some motivation!











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