Thursday Thoughts

I have a couple of Thursday thoughts to share that I hate to let go unwritten this week, so I’m posting them late in the day, because well it’s my blog and I can do that…lol!

I had an eye doctor appointment today and while my vision is okay and I can still get by with readers for a while longer, the doctor saw something else.  With years of unchecked high blood pressure, there appears to be damage to some vessels in my eye.  Y’all this seriously a reminder of how dangerous it can be to let your health be put on the back burner.  I knew my diet was unhealthy.  I knew I needed to exercise.  I’m no spring chicken and the consequences of not taking care of myself are catching up with me and it makes me sad.  Because I saw how my parents died in their early 50s and still didn’t take it heart.  I was depressed, I was emotional, I was lost…and I ate to cope with it.  I see so many folks making poor food choices, for many reasons – it’s cheaper, it’s easier, it tastes better…nevermind that the inflammation and disease being caused by the crap we’re eating is causing our bodies not to be able to do what it’s made to do.  I learned this lesson late enough that some damage was already done.  I have extra skin that I’ll have to live with because I can’t handle cosmetic surgery, I have fertility issues that were unexplained, but possibly preventable – it’s too late to know now, but that thought will always be int he back of my mind.

I say all of this to say – please, please, please start today – baby steps if you have to…to making healthier decisions for you and your family!  Your journey won’t be like mine, and may not include my diet choices or essential oils – although I think they both rock…lol! But chose healthier options wherever you can, know where your food come from – shop the outer edge of the the store and stay away from processed foods. Train your children up in a better way of being active and making healthier choices in their lives…it’s soooooo important!


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