Happy New Year! and Monday Morning Motivation

Happy New Year from our home to yours!  We had a quiet evening at home last night and I can’t even complain – the weather is super cold and we live in the country where midnight brings fireworks and gunshots and I have a nearly 9 year pekingese who is terrified of both and recovering from a yucky booty (I’ll spare you the details – you’re welcome!) so we decided that that the fact that none of our friends were available actually worked out for us.

The end of the year was super crazy busy and brought RC’s yearly Christmas sickness this time with a gout flare up just for fun during his annual week off from work.  I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to be sick every year for the holidays, bless his heart!   He spent much of the week nursing himself back to health, but he seems to be on the mend finally on all fronts.  He did embrace essential oils to treat the yucky cough and junk he had which made me smile pretty big…oregano, rosemary, thieves and clove in a capsule worked to get the yuck out of his system along with a daily dose of Ningxia Red and plenty of water.

This year’s blogging is going to be more personal in nature – almost diary like, until I find my groove…and I’m okay with that.  We have some super exciting things to share when the time is right and I plan to write a good bit about that soon.

Today’s Monday Morning Motivation is a shout out to the Minimalist Game – if you’ve never heard of it…they have a website dedicated to living a minimalist lifestyle and every month they start over this challenge to declutter your life for 30 days…the gist is you give away, toss or recycle 1 item on day one, 2 on day two and so on for every day in the month…the rule is that you have to have it OUT of your home by midnight.  I’ve done it once, but truthfully I could do it several months in a row and STILL have stuff. Like, for real.  Join me as I declutter – I’d love to have you alongside me as we make our lives a little simpler – less cluttered – more intentional with what we have. Read the details by clicking here and don’t forget to tag #minsgame on social media if you post what you’re tossing!

So here’s to a new year, a more intentional me and all that God has for us this year…



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